Monday, November 30, 2009

Hola Amigos!

Did I really just start a blog? I had no idea how easy this was/is. Honestly, in trying to search for a blog I stumbled on the site offering to help you start a blog and here I am. My God, any old idiot can start a blog! Ummm, I respectfully request silence from the peanut gallery. In any case, I hope this blog serves as a means for staying in touch with family and friends whom we've left behind in the United States and maybe even offer my perspective on living abroad with two children, a husband who works long hours, no mode of transportation and an obsession with bread and cheese that's left this girl badly in need of some flaxseed! How the hell do you say THAT in Spanish?? So Kyle and I each probably got about 3.5 hours of sleep last night. Sabine has a super runny nose that kept her (and us) up all night. So my first observation as an American mom living in Madrid is: the pharmacies here suck! You can't buy things like children's tylenol, benadryl or even pepto bismol! No, everything for babies it seems is homeopathic. Ugh. That stuff takes FOREVER to work and doesn't knock the kid out either. When pressing the pharmacist for stronger stuff I got a raised eyebrow and told that she could give me "something" but she wouldn't give it to her baby. Evidently in addition to homeopathic medicine, pharmacies also dole out shame! It worked. I conceded that she was right and left with my evil bad-mom tail between my legs. So if anyone's reading this...send meds soon!

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  1. Maria--Fun way to keep in touch. Yes, any idiot can blog, including me!!
    Come visit at
    I'm going to put you down as a 'soul sister'on our home page and include a link to your blog...ok??
    Love to all! Holla Holla!!