Friday, April 9, 2010


Too much time has passed since my last update but it doesn't feel like a whole lot has happened. The thing about not having a traditional job (read: being a full-time stay-at-home mom) is that your days are all kind of the same and start to feel like one, long-ass day. Last week, though, I had the great pleasure of spending two nights in Barcelona visiting with my girlfriend Cile from Austin! She and her mom stayed in the swanky hotel off Las Ramblas, and I stayed at the much less swanky but still chic Hotel Banys in El Borne. I had the best mini-break ever! It was so nice to be with old friends and oh so nice to sleep through the night without the slightest anticipation of being awakened by a baby's cry - thanks Ambien! I was shocked to learn that my orientation of El Borne and El Raval was still good and was happy to take Cile to some of my favorite old spots. On the food front, Cile and her mom introduced me to what is now one of my favorite restaurants ever - Bar Lobo. Cile and I ate there 2 times, which put her tally up to 3! It was that good. I didn't have a bad meal my entire stay, even the cafe we happened on was delicious. Sorry Madrid, but when it comes to dining I think Barcelona has you beat, way beat. Still you're lovely and I think Madrilenos are a tad bit friendlier. Cile and I returned to Madrid on the AVE (high speed train) where I slept so as to not think about the slight case of motion sickness I was experiencing. While Cile was here we had mostly nice weather days, but because of Holy Week, Friday was a complete loss with regard to shopping as almost nothing was open so we did a lot of strolling and sitting in the park. Saturday we visited the Thyssen, which had a huge Monet exhibit and took it super easy after feasting on a huge plate of NACHOS! The parade of visitors has begun and we're so happy! Next week our friends and newlyweds Jeff and Rachel will visit and stay with us one night. Then we leave to the Canary Islands for five nights - yay sun! In early May, Laura and Emma arrive and then in late May, Kevin arrives! It's so nice to have friends visit -hint, hint. In short, everyone's well - we did have one more visit to the emergency room with Sabine - but she's fine now and I think more than anything we're just anxious for the weather to turn hot. Not cool, not warm, HOT. It's April 9th and we're still wearing sweaters and boots. Boo.

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  1. What happened to you? I miss your blog :-)