Sunday, October 24, 2010


Um, obviously blogging isn't one of them, but I do have them and while some are perfectly innocuous - my quest for the perfect camel jacket/sweater/anything, Chie Mihara shoes - another is consuming me in a way that I can't explain. It's the dreaded mid-term elections and very specifically the Texas gubernatorial race. If you don't know this about me then you're not on Facebook - I don't believe I've been de-friended by anyone, but I'm pretty sure LOTS of people have "hidden" me. I understand, but in my defense living abroad, currently unemployed and unable to do anything but vote absentee and give a little money to my candidate is supremely frustrating! I have a lot of time on my hands and I just can't stand not being able to be among my people supporting my candidate - Bill White if you haven't guessed - and just getting out there. So instead, I read the news online; I read the blogs; I watch the interviews; I talk about it endlessly and I drive my husband insane. Lucky for him the fun ends Nov. 2. I'll be up all night damnit watching those numbers come in. Fingers crossed. Updates on the children: Brodie has started her Montessori school and really likes it, but complains about all the vegetables in the food. Sabine is in nursery school until 1:oo every day and is starting to adapt. Apparently she used to cry a lot, but that has stopped thank goodness. She strung together her first two words yesterday! "Bye bye, Mama." With this one's willful, independent attitude I have the feeling that she was establishing what will be a lifelong theme. She also got her first hair cut yesterday! Ok, so it's definitely the Javier Bardem "No Country for Old Men" cut, but I prefer to think of it as the Little Lord Fauntleroy. We might try to bring that look back. Photos to come. The image posted here was taken at Parque Guell in Barcelona about 3 weeks ago. Well that's it for now. It's weird, but our zero/end parenthesis key died. So no more parenthesis or smiley face emoticons - because I so love those - only sad faces. :-(

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