Sunday, January 3, 2010


Big sigh.........Alas, our winter holiday is wrapping up. Kyle's at work today and our days of holiday leisure are behind us. I'll admit that I've been feeling very sorry for myself and frustrated for lack of sleep, multiple doctor (4) and emergency room (2) visits due to sick children. Now that we're past the worst of it, I feel very small and selfish for this. It's made me realize that I have got to work on my coping skills and learn the art of hunkering down. While I pray that this is never tested, I strongly believe that in case of real crisis, I'll be the quiet pillar of strength and patience my family deserves. I've found that yoga and sleep really are critical to my well-being and I'm committing to both whole-heartedly - such sacrifice! I absolutely love my yoga class that I take twice a week. Ingrid, our instructor, is adored by all of her students as evidenced by the loooong, tight hugs she receives by everyone at the beginning of class. Class is a nice combination of relaxation, that builds to a fast flow and ends with great stretches and then a long savasana. Savasana in this class is like a mini-spa treatment - Ingrid goes around to each student and places two pillow under your legs, a fleece blanket over your body and, a flat pillow under your head and a lavender-filled pillow over your eyes. Always impatient, I used to use savasana to make a grocery list or checklist of to-do's in my head, but this savasana is extravagantly relaxing and I've even fallen asleep. Ahhh! I've also found that cooking is very relaxing and am slowly building my repertoire. Tonight it's Mexican chicken caldo. Above is a photo of Brodie pretending she's "the bride". Sigh. She doesn't get it from me.


  1. Hi Maria! Discovered your blog thru Muffin's and just loved catching up on you and the fam!! I've been thinking about you and your adventures in Spain so thank you for posting it! Hang in there with the little ones. I find the uber youngins tough on the mental health no matter how fabulous they are!! Cason turns 7 this week and Travis is 4 (was 20 weeks preggars at yall's wedding!)and I just feel like I may make it! Thank god for wine and coffee!!
    LOL and Happy New Year!

  2. Dr. Ash! I need an email for you. I sent a link to all the SBC ladies, but yours came back. I asked Bonnie to forward to you - I guess she did? So good to hear from you! Hugs.

  3. Hey babes. First part of my email the same but now Your kids are beautiful! Loved the style and shopping reports. Let miz brodie ride in that stroller however long she pleases!