Friday, January 15, 2010

Sad Truth No. One Revealed

I'm certain that many truths (some sad, some joyful) with regard to parenting will be revealed to me over the course of my life, but yesterday I experienced my first gut punch one. It was Brodie's first yoga class and she had been beyond excited. Every day she would ask, "Do we go to yoga today?" At last it was time. We went right after school and changed into her yoga pants and t-shirt (Target specials both) and then I accompanied her into the classroom and together we waited for everyone including the instructor to arrive. All was well, she was chatting and imitating some of the other girls who were stretching. She's always asking me to show her some yoga poses, but I'd never done anything more complicated than downward dog. So while we waited I decided to break out my headstand. I've done it a million times and every day at yoga practice. I got up on to my head, gently kicked my legs up and then boom! down they came behind my back into a very ungraceful backbend or something akin to that. I looked at Brodie and I said, "Want me to try it again?" She said, "No." And that's when sad truth number one was revealed to me: I'm already capable of embarrassing my daughter and she's only three.

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  1. Wow, definitely a gut puncher. I'm not looking forward to these...