Friday, December 18, 2009

Ferrovial Gets Its Party On

Last night we went to Grupo Ferrovial's holiday party. Kyle and I had been excited about this because he had been told that it was a really fun party (and it was a night out alone during baby sleep training week), but that bubble was burst when we learned that spouses/guests were not invited. Huh? Needless to say, I was irritated as was Kyle. After jumping through some hoops he was able to secure me an invitation to ensure it was kosher that I attend. It was held at the Matadero which is a very cool cultural arts center, but used to be a slaughter house. I couldn't help but think that cow spirits were watching us...Anyway, this place was insane, really beautiful and a Ferrovial project (as are the Guggenheim and Marques de Riscal winery.) As we walked up we knew we were in for something special. Actually we knew that just by looking at the impressive invitation that came with a coded card for raffle purposes. As we walked in Kyle suggested that next year they consider putting the invitation budget toward letting spouses attend - "good idea" I grumbled. The theme was the future of Ferrovial so we weren't surprised by the futuristic furnishings, lighting and bars. The evening was emceed by a real professional hostess (blonde, tall and charming) who had the honor of awarding something like 25 anniversary gifts to old Spanish men. Rightly so, they kept the bars closed until all the formalities were finished and just as we were lunging toward the bar, the lights dimmed and some people began literally climbing the wall. It was a dance/gymnastic performance performed while suspended from ropes using the wall - it was really beautiful - very cirque du soleil. Anyway, as soon as that wrapped, the bar was open! They had the most amazing mojitos - I'm considering breaking up with tequila and moving on to this cocktail, which I don't think I'd ever had before last night if you can believe it. Anyway, we mingled and I was finally able to meet several of Kyle's co-workers who were all very, very friendly and chatty. The passed hors d'oeuvres were delicious, but not filling enough for this hearty appetite. I was literally chasing servers down if I saw something I liked. My behavior actually embarrassed Kyle and I was asked to "calm down." I wasn't upset because I knew I was being a pig and deserved a talking to. That's pretty bad. So after accosting servers and downing mojitos it was time for the raffle. Prizes included trips, a chance to drive a Ferrari around a racetrack and a Vespa! I just knew we were destined to win that Vespa!!! Sadly we won nothing, but THREE of Kyle's friend won stuff, which are crazy odds considering how many people were there - 700 or so - and he's only close without about 10 people. It was a good night, but the best part of the night was the SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!! Sabine let out some little cries, but we didn't even have to get out of bed to comfort her. Thank you, Santa!

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