Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Golden Rule

My emotions have run the gamut in the last 24 hours. Tears of frustration and guilt have been shed, great joy was experienced while having a night out with Kyle and currently I'm experiencing heart-pounding pride as I eavesdrop on Brodie entertain our neighbor's son who is about 6 months younger than her. Considering that at one point yesterday I was ready to drop out of motherhood all together, I can't believe I've consented to care for another child to which I'm not legally bound - and a BOY to boot. Anyway, this all came about because Asharaf's mother (Fatima) helps clean our house once a week and today she had Asharaf with her. He didn't seem all that jazzed to be here so I was shocked when he refused to leave with his mother. Anyway, it's only for 45 minutes until his Aunt Touria arrives to take over so that I can go to yoga. Have I mentioned how much we love our Moroccan neighbors? They live below us and are the loveliest people ever. Touria stays with the girls at least twice a week so that Kyle and I can enjoy Madrid at night sans children, Fatima cleans and irons once a week and their mother, Saltana makes us amazing couscous every once in a while JUST BECAUSE. We feel very fortunate to have them as friends and neighbors - they are incredibly generous of spirit and heart. So back to my heart-pounding pride, just now I was listening to Brodie speak to this little boy who only knows Arabic and Spanish with such tenderness and patience. More than that, she was extending her most beloved treasures to share and chatting away as though they were the oldest and best of friends. I hope that Kyle and I have something to do with that sunny disposition, but I think she and her Montessori school deserve most of the credit. Still, I'm just bursting!

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