Sunday, December 13, 2009

Out on the Town

We've spent the last few days in a sleep-deprived, grouchy fog. After a couple of really, really rough nights we realized that poor Sabine is cutting teeth and that her super poops are a result of the anti-mucus medication. We got some - what else -homeopathic medicine for her teeth and stopped the mucus medication early. Sweet relief! Last night she only woke up one time. Despite earlier misgivings about the speed of relief that homeopathic meds provide, I have to say these little pills are miracle workers. Last night Kyle and I had a quiet night out that included going to an art show hosted by a winery owned by a friend of a friend. The show featured mainly crafty-type stuff and reminded me a lot of Parts & Labour in Austin. We bought some books and enjoyed some really, really good wine and company. Later we headed to what I had read was a good paella place in Chueca. Chueca is the Castro district of Madrid and is known for having some of the best restaurant and bar options in town. Unfortunately, our guide was a little off on this recommendation as we were clearly surrounded by tourists and the paella was only okay. Hopeful to salvage some of our initial hopes for the night, we stopped at a bar called Bar Cock, which we had read about in the most recent issue of Monocle. It's a beautiful dark, open space with stained glass windows, an old wooden bar and small vintage sofas and chairs. Anyway, the bartender tells us that they specialize in cocktails and rattles off a list including dirty martinis. Well that was it - we love a good dirty martini. Sadly they arrived rimmed in lemon oil and the olive juice was more like salty olive brine and I could only force a few sips and those were forced only because each drink cost 13 euros -ouch. This is the second time our cocktail expectations haven't been met (you get used to drinks tasting a certain way and for goodness sake a margarita should not have any kind of sugar syrup in it!!!) and we've decided that for at least a while it's only beer or wine for us. Salud!

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