Tuesday, December 15, 2009

That crying you hear is NOT the Baby Jesus.

Or maybe it is if he can hear Sabine's incessant 3 a.m. screams. (I'm not being blasphemous, it's just a nod to the season!)Last night was the worst and I mean THE WORST. I've decided that Sabine is no longer sick or teething, but that she's developed a terrible need to be comforted in the middle of the night. We've been reluctant to let her cry it out because we live in an apartment building, but last night we attempted. Frankly, I'd almost become immune until we heard the banging. We couldn't believe it - the upstairs neighbors were banging on their floor/our ceiling. It made my blood boil! As if we were making her cry just to wake everyone else up. So Kyle got up with her for three hours and played in the kitchen while I slept/tried to sleep. I kept imagining a scenario where they would come down, ring the bell and complain about the crying. In my mind, I unleash a fury unlike anyone this side of the Atlantic has ever seen! Anyway, this little game kept me up way too late. Later, I woke up at 7 to a quiet house and knew there was no way I was going to wake anyone up to get to school on time, so today is Brodie's first day of playing hooky and we're going to make Christmas ornaments. On a lighter note, Monday morning we woke up to a beautiful Madrid lightly dusted in snow! It was Brodie's first snow experience and I'm sad to report that it didn't last long enough for me to get photo documentation. Nonetheless, the walk to school was chilly to say the least and I get why babies are tucked into fleecy stroller covers. Even though it's warmed up just a bit, we plan to buy one this weekend for our awesome Phil & Teds stroller. I could dedicate an entire post to the wonders of this stroller! It's a double-decker and narrow enough to fit through most doorways and small elevators. These have yet to make it to Madrid (I think we've seen maybe two others) and we get stared at and stopped ALL the time. If I had it in me, I'd love to rep these here as I think they would be hugely successful. One woman, after she stopped to ask me about it, said that she can never go out with both babies because the traditional double is too wide to fit through most doorways. I can't imagine. Wait, I take that back. I CAN imagine because ours got a flat yesterday and I felt paralyzed. Even though I can carry Sabine in the Ergo, Brodie will not walk further than a few blocks before complaining that her feet hurt and that she's tired - she obviously needs to start working out. That's it, off to start the day. Wish me luck. UPDATE: Thanks to our wonderful porter, Paco, we learned that the pounding was from next door not upstairs. The 30-yr old that still lives with mommy and daddy (I know this is more than culturally acceptable here, but STIIIILLLLLL) decided that pounding on the wall was the best way to communicate his displeasure. Tonight I believe we'll be letting Sabine cry it out and I plan to sleep like, well, a baby.

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